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St. Barnabas Quilters Guild Show and Sale on December 6

Come one, come all! The St. Barnabas Quilters Guild will put on a Quilt Show/Sale at the church on Saturday, December 6th.

If you have any quilts you would like to display, please drop them off at the church the week before the show. Make sure your name and phone number are attached to each quilt.

Interested in making items to sell for the sale? Please email edhs66@gmail.com. We need to have the items delivered by Sunday, November 30th, or sometime that week.

The monies earned from the sale will help our guild pay for sewing notions, batting, fabric, and more. We appreciate any support you are able to give for this event. Spread the word! We'll see you on December 6!



Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers

Join Michael Saint of The Native Plant Institute at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Chelsea, on Saturday, August 16 at 6:30 p.m., as we take a step back into time and explore the diverse flowers, trees, and shrubs of Emily Dickinson’s world.

During her lifetime, Emily Dickinson (1830–1886) was famous for her love of the garden—not her poems. Consequently, plants and flowers significantly influenced her poetry. Many of Dickinson’s poems and letters mentioned wildflowers, native plants, and traditional herbaceous garden plants.

Her gardens included fruit trees, vegetables, and masses of colorful annuals and perennials. Dickinson was fond of fragrant flowers (roses, hyacinth, jasmine, gardenias).
We will examine the components of her garden, i.e.: fragrance, color, texture, etc. citing examples to show how to incorporate some of her sense of being and beloved plants in your own Emily Dickinson garden.

Michael Saint is a certified Advanced Master Gardener, a seasoned lecturer and landscape designer. He is an advocate of the importance of native plants. His native plant class has been published internationally through the DailyOm network. Saint is the owner of Good Earth Landscape Institute in Clarkston, Mi, and as a member of the Michigan Wildflower Association, The National Wildlife Federation and the Re-mineralize the Earth Foundation, he has encouraged green practices for many years. He has been a repeated guest of National Public Radio's "Detroit Today," Meadowbrook Hall, Henry Ford Estates, The Community House of Birmingham, MI and Fox Morning news. He teaches various garden classes for Waterford’s Adult Community Education and lectures throughout the Midwest on various horticultural topics. Michael's gardens have been featured in varied newspapers throughout Michigan.

Flower pounding and prayer flags

Flower Pounding & Prayer Flag Workshop

This Thursday, June 26, 6:00–8:00p, the St. B. Quilters present a Flower Pounding and Prayer Flag Workshop. Join in the fun and learn how to make designs on cloth with flowers that can be incorporated into a crazy quilt block, or simply framed. What a great way to enjoy your flowers indoors and out, all year round, or to make a lasting gift. Artistic, creative and fun for all ages.

We are also offering a workshop on how to make prayer flags. In June of 2011, Vivika Hansen DeNegre started The Prayer Flag Project. She invited people from around the world to join her in making Prayer Flags. Each flag is created in the artist’s own style, then hung outside for a while, its words and sentiment dissolving into the wind and being spread to all whom the wind touches. They are a living, breathing, kinetic journal of our hopes, dreams and concerns.

The workshop is free and all materials will be supplied, so just bring yourself and your enthusiasm.


Celebrate St. B's 60th with Music!

Kathy West and Friends will present an evening of mixed musical styles this Saturday, June 21, 2014, at 7:00p.

Revolving around Kathy and the organ, the concert will take listeners through Baroque, Classical, Romantic and contemporary periods. Kathy will be joined by string players, Erik Zuiderweg, Liza Dale, and Margaret Weiss, and pianist, Doug Howell.

Organ solos, organ and string trio, and organ and piano duets will treat the audience to both familiar and lesser known composers: W. A. Mozart, John Stanley, C. P. E. Bach, G. F. Handel, Theodore Dubois, Dale Wood and Johannes Brahms.

Come help St. Barnabas celebrate 60 years of worship and service in Chelsea. The concert is free, open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. We'll look forward to seeing you there!


1954–2014: Help Us Celebrate 60 Years of Worship and Service